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BawidamannBlades Ti-cicles Striped Spectrum dip


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Bawidamann Blades Titanium Icicle….. or… Ti-cicle

The TI-cicle is a Great addition to any Christmas tree or festive holiday decoration.  Never before has Home holiday defense been so discreetly hidden, but immediately accessible.  The Grinch won’t stand a chance in getting away with all of your holiday goodies ever again!  This version of the Ti-cicle comes with two setts of lathed grooves for visual appeal, indexing and retention. Every one is hand finished, hand polished and anodized one by one.

Bawidamann Ti-cicle 

Material – 6al4v .375 (full 3/8″) thick Grade 5 Titanium 

Length – ~8 inches from top to tip. (every one is hand turned, so there will be a slight variance within 1/8 of an inch)

Attachment – Black 550 cord lanyard with a flame colored steel split ring (for different retention and hanging options)

Finish – Spectrum anodized (yellow/purple/blue/teal) with a polished silver stripe circling form top to tip (slight variations as each are individually hand finished and dipped)

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