How can I order a custom blade?

My Custom order list is currently closed. I periodically put some Acid Etched Versions of knives up in the store with each run. I also usually send some of the custom finishes to dealers.

What shows do you attend?

Currently, None

Who are your dealers?

Currently, Monkey Edge

If your Custom order list is closed, How can I get one of your knives?

Well…You are in luck. Along with the custom list, I’m also doing large runs of certain knife designs. These knives will be periodically put up on the site for sale in batches of 10-20 per design. I will give fair warning through social media and Bawidamann Blades Email list before I post them, so if you are waiting for a certain design, signing up through the list and joining the social media channels will be a definite advantage. First come first served!

I’ve seen other models of your knives that aren’t pictured here...Where are they at?

Certain models have been put on hold to focus on getting the latest design evolution of certain models out first. Chances are that you might see them again in the future.

What is the standard finish on a knife?

The standard finish is a Stone-wash finish, or a (DLC) Diamond Like Carbon coating

Other finishes include Acid etching, Heat Coloring, Patina finishes etc…….

What steels do you use?

Currently CPM-S35VN,  CTS-XHP., and sometimes CPM-3V

I noticed on some of your knives that the top edge is sharpened. Can I get the knife with the same grind, but without the sharpened top edge?

some versions come with the Top edges sharpened, and some do not. (note) It is your responsibility as a knife owner to know the laws in your area.

I saw some where that you make a Zombie chopper. Where is that, and how can I get it?

Ah, yes…. the Zom-B-Gon………. , What will you do when the ammo runs out?!?
Patience my brothers, Bawidamann has got you covered…. I will make sure they are readily available well in advance of the Zombie apocalypse. They will be made out of HR5160 spring steel. Don’t get caught without one, because I’m pretty sure we taste like steak…… Until then… Don’t “fire for effect”, shoot for the head!

How much is shipping for a knife?

Good question…it depends on several factors:
1, the physical size of the knife, 2, the cost/value of the knife (or number of knives), and 3 the intended destination. Currently It’s around $15 in continental U.S.A.

Shipping inside C.O.N.U.S. (the continental U.S.)

(general quotes with insurance and tracking)
Small knife = small box = $15 (shipped, and insured for full value with tracking, Priority or flat rate)
Medium to Large size knife (or several small/medium knives) = medium box = $22 ( price may increase dependent on insured value)
Multiple Large knives = Large box = $27 ( price may also increase dependent on actual insured value)
Hawaii and Alaska…..add about $3-$5, and also count on a few days extra in actual shipping time.

International shipping

International shipping Starts at $47.00 It is the rate for the medium box, and the smallest of the boxes that the U.S.P.S. will allow to have both tracking and insurance once it leaves the country. The actual shipping charge will be more with the tracking and insurance, which is dependent on quantity/value of knives in the package.

Can't you just mail my knife to me without all that tracking and insurance?


I noticed on some of your knives that the TOP EDGE IS SHARPENED, can I get a knife with the same grind, but without the sharpened top edge?

We will always strive to put up as many options as possible, and the choices will be reflected in the SKU for each knife.  If the drop down menu doesn’t include it, it’s not currently available.

Where can I purchase purchase PUPS (PALS UNIVERSAL PLATFORMS) at?

How do you pronounce your family name?

Bawidamann (bah-wee-da-man) It’s German.

Why can't I pronounce the name of my knife?

The names of some of the knives were taken either from Valkyrie names or the Old Norse language.


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