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Custom Pogn “XL” Acid Etched Spectral Patina with G-10 Bawidamann Chunk Handles


Bawidamann Blades Pogn XL

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The Bawidamann Blades Pogn “XL” is a mid size light weight discreet carry option, that doubles in light utility based applications. Slightly larger than the smaller Pogn “L” at 8 3/8″ overall with just over a 4″ blade.  One of the Pogn “XL”s most unique characteristics is the ergonomically designed handle that it shares with the Pogn “L” ….  It ensures positive grip retention by locking the users fingers into the grip between the index and middle fingers, and even more so between the middle and ring fingers.  The handle Profile along with the Bawidamann chunk grips will ensure a very comfortable user experience.



Pogn “XL”  Specifications

Overall Length: 8 3/8″
Blade Length: 4″
Blade Thickness: .156″
Weight: 6.7 ounces (without sheath)  8.5 ounces (with sheath)
Blade Steel: CPM S35-VN  HR 59-61
Coating: Acid etched Spectral Patina
Handle Material: Bawidamann custom Chunk G-10 (black)
Handle Hardware: coated stainless
Included: Boltaron belt compatible sheath with discreet carry concepts IWB metal clip

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Weight .5 lbs

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